Quick pass through

Thu, Jun 1, 2017


Been a very long in both time and events since I posted.  No intention of an exhaustive update at present.  Am still not at rest enough for that.  I can, however, set the broader outline.

I’ve moved more than once, and am no longer remotely close to anywhere I’ve lived or visited before.  I’m back in the deepest countryside, which is my eternal comfort zone.  That’s a good thing.  I’ve learned the value of VPNs and Tor. I’ve kept some old e-addresses and a phone number, but use had been shifting steadily. I’ll kill the old ones soon.  That’ll complete the closure. USPS and DL have both been resolved for months.  Anyone with soon-to-be limited access, which I can literally count on one hand, knows to politely take a message from any inquiries and do nothing more.

I’ve wanted to be off the grid, and am now a few clicks away.  No Internet footprint, no bills, no assets … nothing to surface my name.

I may post here, play around with Pinterest, and so on, but none are or will be under my name nor track my IP – which is obscured anyway.

I knew someone once that claimed to want to disappear but has done just the opposite.  Must work for her.  That’s good.

So, just thought I’d toss that out there. Be well …

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