Am I a Christian Writer?

Mon, Sep 14, 2015

Thinking Out Loud

In the same manner in which I approach writing my stories (see post immediately before this one), I posed this question to myself (reflective pronoun, right?) without any clue as to what will come next.

First, yes, I am a Christian.  That’s not something to hide or avoid in any manner.  It defines who I am in as much the same manner as writing that I have grey hair and brown eyes, albeit my eyes do change color apparently as a nod and wink to being hazel in my younger years.  When I am deeply touched, my eyes will flip through green, yellow, and brown.  Not specs in my eyes, but the color of the eyes in toto.  I digress …

When I write, I see the world through a prism of good and evil. It’s how I view life. My main character is good.  His adversaries are evil.  It helps, I guess, to set up polar opposites yielding conflict.  Conflict is good in stories, I hear.  It also gives my main character patience.  I bleed that often; let the bad guy weave his own noose then all that is needed is a good yank!

I do not, however, mention God by name.  I do not discuss the centrality of Christ in one’s life.  Instead, the writing presents a life lived by Christian values.  In the end result, I feel more comfortable with that approach.  Why? “Live by example” is what we’re taught.  So I write the life lived according to an unwritten external set of standards.

In the end result, I hope readers will conclude that my “good” characters are Christian, but that’s not my primary goal.  I want readers to see decisions made, self-imposed constraints employed, and relationships evolve in a manner that they view as consistent with Christian principles.  They may interpret it as consistent with other religions, but it’s not my place to suggest the label.

In that sense, yes, I am a Christian writer.  I am a Christian, and I weave those principles throughout my writings.  I am not a prototypical Christian writer in that I am not quoting the Bible and assuming the pulpit with all the expected words associated therewith.

Hunh.  OK.  Yes, but no.

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